Karlsruhe Session

IDTitlePoster ID
177 Automatic Segmentation of Renal Compartments in DCE-MRI Images A-1
431 A machine learning based approach to fiber tractography using classifier voting A-6
581 Variational Expectation-Maximization solution to ASL fMRI data analysis A-11
751 Classification of MRI under the Presence of Disease Heterogeneity using Multi-Task Learning: Application to Bipolar Disorder A-16
878 Convex Non-Negative Spherical Factorization of Multi-Shell Diffusion-Weighted Images A-21
983 Integrating Multimodal Priors in Predictive Models for the Functional Characterization of Alzheimer's Disease A-26
104 Autonomous Ultrasound-Guided Tissue Dissection B-1
196 Robust 5DOF transesophageal echo probe tracking at fluoroscopic frame rates B-6
362 Image based surgical instrument pose estimation with multi-class labelling and optical flow B-11
535 Interventional photoacoustic imaging of the human placenta with ultrasonic tracking for minimally invasive fetal surgeries B-16
579 Surgical Augmented Reality with Topological Changes B-21
911 A registration approach to endoscopic laser speckle contrast imaging for intrauterine visualisation of placental vessels B-26
1287 A system for MR-Ultrasound Guidance during Robot-Assisted Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy B-31
107 Automatic Fetal Ultrasound Standard Plane Detection Using Knowledge Transferred Recurrent Neural Network C-1
333 Spectral Forests: Learning of Surface Data, Application to Cortical Parcellation C-6
495 Automatic Coronary Calcium Scoring in Cardiac CT Angiography using Convolutional Neural Networks C-11
725 Automatic Diagnosis of Ovarian Carcinomas via Sparse Multi Resolution Tissue Representation C-16
935 Direct and Simultaneous Four-Chamber Volume Estimation with Supervised Feature Learning C-21
1062 Marginal Space Deep Learning: Efficient Architecture for Detection in Volumetric Image Data C-26
406 Minimum s-Excess Graph for Segmenting and Tracking Multiple Borders with HMM D-4
757 Ultrasound-based Detection of Prostate Cancer Using Automatic Feature Selection with Deep Belief Networks D-9
1009 Robust Segmentation of Various Anatomies in 3D Ultrasound Using Hough Forests and Learned Data Representations D-14
1095 Automatic graph-based localization of cochlear implant electrodes in CT D-19
1255 Longitudinal Analysis of Brain Recovery After Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Based on Groupwise Consistent Brain Network Clusters D-24
336 A Liver Atlas Using the Special Euclidean Group E-5
570 Unsupervised Freeview Groupwise M3 Cardiac Images Segmentation using Synchronized Spectral Networks E-10
710 Crossing-Lines Registration for Direct Electromagnetic Navigation E-15
985 Structured Decision Forests For Multi-modal Ultrasound Image Registration E-20
140 Illustrative Visualization of Vascular Models for Static 2D Representations F-1
300 Vito - A Generic Agent for Multi-Physics Model Personalization: Application to Heart Modeling F-6
641 Mean Aneurysm Flow Amplitude Ratio Comparison between DSA and CFD F-11
1072 Estimating biophysical parameters from BOLD signals through evolutionary-based optimization F-16
187 Accessible Digital Ophthalmoscopy Based on Liquid-Lens Technology G-3
488 Cooperative Robotic Gamma Imaging: Enhancing US-guided Needle Biopsy G-8
639 Subject-specific Models for the Analysis of Pathological FDG PET Data G-13
1177 Mobile C-arm 3D Reconstruction in the Presence of Uncertain Geometry G-18
141 Unsupervised myocardial segmentation for cardiac MRI H-2
468 Interactive multi-organ segmentation based on multiple template deformation H-7
688 Multiple Surface Segmentation Using Truncated Convex Priors H-12
806 A Latent Source Model for Patch-Based Image Segmentation H-17
1140 Segmenting the Uterus in Monocular Laparoscopic Images without Manual Input H-22
503 Co-restoring Multimodal Microscopy Images I-5
719 A Hybrid Approach for Segmentation and Tracking of Myxococcus Xanthus Swarms I-10
1018 Robust Muscle Cell Quantification Using Structured Edge Detection and Hierarchical Segmentation I-15
1135 Joint Kernel-Based Supervised Hashing for Scalable Histopathological Image Analysis I-20
153 Automatic Vessel Segmentation from Pulsatile Radial Distension J-1
425 Motion estimation of common carotid artery wall using a H∞ filter based block matching method J-6
851 Multi-GPU Reconstruction of Dynamic Compressed Sensing MRI J-11
1036 Joint Diagnosis and Conversion Time Prediction of Progressive Mild Cognitive Impairment (pMCI) Using Low-Rank Subspace Clustering and Matrix Completion J-16
195 NEOCIVET: Extraction of cortical surface and analysis of gyrification in neonates using a modified MNI-CIVET pipeline K-1
420 A Steering Engine: Learning 3-D Anatomy Orientation using Regression Forests K-6
730 Unregistered Multiview Mammogram Analysis with Pre-trained Deep Learning Models K-11
934 Dempster-Shafer Theory based Feature Selection with Sparse Constraint for Outcome Prediction in Cancer Therapy K-16
1212 Structural Edge Detection for Cardiovascular Model Building K-21