In order to participate in the event as a speaker, you must submit an abstract to be considered. To do so, use the 'submit a paper' button on the left and follow the procedures. If your paper is accepted, you can submit your full paper for the presentation which is due for further review by the panel. Additionally, both as a visitor and speaker, you must 'register as attendee' (button on the left) to make your payment and get access to the conference. If you have visited the conference before and have an account already, you may log in with your old data.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of any questions or doubts: info@powerskin.org


April 30th 2018 Submission Deadline Abstract and CV 
May 30th
2018 Feedback Acceptance
August 10th
2018 Submission Deadline Full Paper
September 21st
2018 1st Feedback Review Panel
October 5th / 9th
2018 Submission Minor/Major Revised Paper
October 26th
2018 2nd Feedback Review Panel
November 2nd
2018 Submission Deadline Final Paper
November 23rd
2018 Feedback Edited Paper
November 30th
2018 Author's Approval Paper Layout
January 10th
2019 Registration Deadline Speakers & Participants
January 16th
2019 Submission Deadline Presentation
January 17th
2019 PowerSkin Conference


For your submission the proposal should be sharply focussed. Each paper has to clearly identify its subject and its particular approach to it. The premise, scope and ambitions underlying the theme must be clear to the reader. Please include the following information in your abstract:

  • Title of abstract

  • 400 word abstract

  • Significant image (300 dpi)

  • English language

 Full Paper

Every author whose abstract has been accepted is invited to submit the full paper. Please note that specific rules are required regarding the submission of the manuscript.

  • 3000 - 4000 words

  • Should not exceed 10 pages in length

  • Has to be uploaded as PDF and DOC file

  • Images should have a resolution of 600 dpi

  • Respect DIN A4

  • English language

Images have to be included in the document and additionally be uploaded as TIFF files.
Please use the template for your upload!


The duration of the presentation is restricted to 15 minutes with 5 minutes of discussion.
Please note following formal instructions to hand in the presentation.

  • Title, Authors' names, Institute name and Logo

  • Should not exceed 20 slides in length

  • Has to be uploaded as PDF file

  • English language

We are looking forward to your contribution!