Poster Presentation

As it is tradition at the iNOW, all presenters of a poster will be asked to give a brief presentation with no more than three slides of their poster. The oral presentation is limited to be exactly 3 min and is supposed to not exceed 3 slides.

The presentation will be given right before the corresponding poster session starts.

Poster Session München (Thursday, July 28th)

1. Chang-Min Lee: Phase-matched microfiber-coupled microcavity for bright
sources of single photons
2. Mäx Blauth: Enhanced optical activity of atomically thin MoSe2 proximal to
nanoscale plasmonic slot-waveguides
3. Kaiyin Feng: Comprehensive Analysis on Wavelength-Scale Metal-Clad
Laser Coupled to Silicon-on-Insulator Waveguide with Integrated Optical
Feedback Stub
4. Bongyong Jang: Fabrication of a hybrid silicon evanescent laser with
quantum dot gain
5. Yury Berdnikov: Modelling the irreversible growth of nanowires and 2D
6. Martin Klaas: Evolution of temporal coherence in confined polariton
7. Shunya Inoue: Consideration and Fabrication of athermal HCG MEMS
8. Chenzhi Yuan: High efficiency Atomic Frequency Comb Quantum Memories
in Photonic Crystal Waveguides
9. Silvia Spiga: 50-Gb/s data transmission with 1.5mum VCSEL using NRZ
modulation and without equalization
10. Tali Septon: Remote Bio-Sensing of Buried Antipersonnel Landmines Using
Bacterial Biosensors
11. Stefan Thomas Jagsch: Thresholdless Lasing of Nitride Nanobeam Cavities
on Silicon
12. Yuji Kosugi: Surface-normal optical modulator using silicon high-contrast
grating with electro-optic polymer
13. Sören Kreinberg: Experimental and theoretical investigations on the
transition from spontaneous emission to lasing in high-beta microcavity emitters
14. Jungmin Lee: Printed III-V Nanobeam Laser on Si waveguide
15. ---
16. Marco Berger: Quantum Confinement Phenomena in Ultrathin GaAs
17. Tagir Sadeev: 1.55mum quantum-dot lasers for data transmission and modelocking
18. Stefan Gerhardt: Highly indistinguishable on-demand resonance
fluorescence photons from quantum dot micropillar devices
19. Kevin Cook: Tunable 1060 nm VCSEL with High-Contrast Grating Mirror

Poster Session Würzburg (Monday, August 1st)

1. Hannes Schmeiduch: Selective Area Epitaxy and Growth on Patterned
Surfaces of Indium Phosphide of LP-MOVPE for Mid-Infrared Quantum
Cascade Lasers
2. Alexander Schlehan: Generating single photons at GHz modulation speed
using electrically controlled quantum-dot microlenses
3. Brian Hogan: Realisation of sub-wavelength gratings for use at 10mum
4. Igor Khanonkin: Carrier dynamics in 1500 nm Quantum Dot optical amplifiers
5. Kazuhiro Kuruma: Time-resolved photoluminescence of a single quantum
dot-nanocavity system in strong coupling regime
6. Gilliard Malheiros-Silveira: III-V Compound Semiconductor Nanopillar
Integrated to In-Plane Silicon Waveguides
7. Anne Schade: Low Threshold Interband Cascade Lasers
8. Weichao Ma: Experimental Study on Linewidth Narrowing of Mutually
Injection Locked DFB Lasers
9. Andreas Pfenning: Resonant Tunneling Diode Photodetectors for Light
Detection at the Telecommunication Wavelength of lambda = 1.3 mum
10. Hitesh K. Sahoo: Optically pumped long wavelength tunable MEMS VCSEL
for OCT
11. Stefan Meinecke: Bistability in Optically Injected Two-State Quantum Dot
12. Uday Munivenkatappa : Dynamics of a swept source laser under external
13. Wolfhard Oberhausen: Sampled Gratings for Difference Frequency
Generation in Quantum Cascade Lasers
14. Renduo Qi: Chalcogenide glass devices fabricated by hot melt smoothing and
micro-trench filling method
15. Jochen Bissinger: GaAs-AlGaAs Core-Shell Nanowire Lasers on Silicon
16. Seung-Ju Yoon: Optical nonlinearity of a single quantum dot trapped in 5-nm
metallic gap
17. Chris Müller: Long Distance Communication with Single Photons from
Quantum Dots
18. Fang Liu: Surface Mode Guided by Multilayer Metamaterial