23. Sportwissenschaftlicher Hochschultag 2017
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Prof. Dr. Joachim Hermsdörfer
Technische Universität München Germany
  • Session AK 13: Kognitive Determinanten schneller Reaktionen im Sport Leitung
    Datum: 13.09.2017, Zeit: 15:15 | Thema:
  • Vortrag Technological approaches to home-based support and rehabilitation for ADL with stroke and dementia patients. Autor
    Datum: 14.09.2017, Zeit: 09:30 | Thema:
  • Session Postersession 5: Motorisches Lernen - motorische Kontrolle - Aktivität Chair
    Datum: 14.09.2017, Zeit: 12:45 | Thema:
  • Vortrag Another cup of tea: The effect of age and dementia on ADL performance Autor
    Datum: 14.09.2017, Zeit: 12:48 | Thema:
  • Vortrag Are impairments in activities of daily living in patients with Alzheimer’s Disease related to symptoms of apraxia? Autor
    Datum: 14.09.2017, Zeit: 12:57 | Thema:
  • Vortrag “Can you find the kettle?” Using augmented reality to support patients in their activities of daily living - First opinions on the Therapy Lens app Autor
    Datum: 14.09.2017, Zeit: 13:03 | Thema:
  • Vortrag Brain correlates of detecting fakes in volleyball. An fMRI approach Autor
    Datum: 15.09.2017, Zeit: 10:00 | Thema: