GAMM 2018
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Prof. Daniel Balzani
Ruhr-Universität Bochum Germany
  • Presentation A Method to Quantify Material Parameter Uncertainties Resulting from Microstructure Variation based on Artificial Microstructures Author
    Date: 20.03.2018 , Time: 15:20 | Topic: DFG-PP1886 | Polymorphic uncertainty modelling for the numerical design of structures
  • Presentation A Computational Two-Scale Model for the Simulation Dual-Phase Steels under Cyclic Loading Speaker
    Date: 20.03.2018 , Time: 14:20 | Topic: MS4 | High-performance computing for continuum mechanical problems
  • Presentation Remarks on Fluid-Structure-Interaction in Patient-Specific Arterial Geometries with regard to the Transmural Stress Distribution Author
    Date: 22.03.2018 , Time: 08:30 | Topic: S02 | Biomechanics
  • Presentation A combined framework for multiplicative growth and remodeling in arterial walls Author
    Date: 22.03.2018 , Time: 09:30 | Topic: S02 | Biomechanics
  • Presentation Numerical material testing based on statistically similar representative volume elements for discontinuous fiber composites Author
    Date: 22.03.2018 , Time: 14:40 | Topic: S08 | Multiscales and homogenization
  • Presentation First Steps Towards the Direct Micro-Macro Simulation of Reinforced Concrete Under Impact Loading Author
    Date: 23.03.2018 , Time: 08:50 | Topic: S08 | Multiscales and homogenization