GAMM 2018
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Prof. Marcus Stoffel
RWTH Aachen University Germany
  • Presentation Bioreactor development for regenerative tissues of the locomotor system Speaker
    Date: 20.03.2018, Time: 14:40 | Topic: MS3 | Experimental mechanics
  • Presentation The effect of the collagen fibrils network on the damage behavior of articular cartilage: a computational study Author
    Date: 21.03.2018, Time: 15:20 | Topic: S02 | Biomechanics
  • Presentation Finite element formulation of elastoplastic structures by using the symplectic Brezis-Ekeland-Nayroles principle Author
    Date: 21.03.2018, Time: 17:30 | Topic: S04 | Structural mechanics
  • Presentation A computational study of the multiaxial fatigue behaviour of a posterior dynamic stabilisation device Author
    Date: 22.03.2018, Time: 14:00 | Topic: S02 | Biomechanics
  • Presentation Investigation of Tenocyte Migration Behavior by Application of Mechanobiological Concepts Author
    Date: 23.03.2018, Time: 08:30 | Topic: S02 | Biomechanics
  • Presentation Chondrocyte migration in an acellular tissue-engineered cartilage substitute Author
    Date: 23.03.2018, Time: 09:50 | Topic: S02 | Biomechanics