GAMM 2018
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PhD Bernhard Eidel
Heisenberg-Group, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University Siegen Germany
  • Presentation Effective description of anisotropic wave dispersion in mechanical metamaterials via the relaxed micromorphic model Author
    Date: 21.03.2018 , Time: 17:10 | Topic: S08 | Multiscales and homogenization
  • Presentation A brief history of logarithmic strain measures in nonlinear elasticity Author
    Date: 21.03.2018 , Time: 17:50 | Topic: S24 | History of mechanics and history, teaching and popularization of mathematics
  • Presentation A nonlinear FE-HMM formulation along with a novel algorithmic structure for finite deformation elasticity Speaker
    Date: 22.03.2018 , Time: 08:30 | Topic: S08 | Multiscales and homogenization