GAMM 2018
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Prof. Michael Kaliske
Institute for Structural Analysis Germany
  • Presentation Mesh bias for the eigenerosion approach Author
    Date: 20.03.2018 , Time: 09:30 | Topic: S03 | Damage and fracture mechanics
  • Presentation Objective modeling of multixial softening of concrete Speaker
    Date: 20.03.2018 , Time: 15:00 | Topic: DFG-PP2020 I Cyclic deterioration of high-performance concrete in an experimental-virtual lab
  • Presentation Polymorphic uncertainty modeling for optimization of timber structures Author
    Date: 20.03.2018 , Time: 14:40 | Topic: DFG-PP1886 | Polymorphic uncertainty modelling for the numerical design of structures
  • Presentation A consistent multi-scale derivation of a micro-plane model within the framework of RVE homogenisation Author
    Date: 23.03.2018 , Time: 08:30 | Topic: S06 | Material modelling in solid mechanics