Kolloid-Tagung and FCS-Workshop
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Kun Wang
Technische Universität München Germany
  • Presentation In-situ analysis of swelling and exchange kinetics in multi-stimuli responsive PNIPAM based block copolymers Author
    Date: 09.10.2017 , Time: 14:50 | Topic: Kolloid-Tagung
  • Presentation Swelling and exchange kinetics in PNIPAM microgel thin films probed with in-situ neutron reflectometry Author
    Date: 09.10.2017 , Time: 15:00 | Topic: Kolloid-Tagung
  • Presentation Morphology control of low temperature synthesized ZnO/P3HT-b-PEO films via spray deposition Speaker
    Date: 09.10.2017 , Time: 16:02 | Topic: Kolloid-Tagung