Kolloid-Tagung and FCS-Workshop
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Ingo Hoffmann
Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL) France
  • Presentation Membrane Dynamics in Polyelectrolyte Mediated Multilamellar Vesicles Studied by Neutron Spin-Echo Spectroscopy Speaker
    Date: 10.10.2017 , Time: 13:50 | Topic: Kolloid-Tagung
  • Presentation Mixing Microemulsion Droplets with Polyelectrolytes: Complexes with a High Solubilization Capacity Author
    Date: 10.10.2017 , Time: 14:57 | Topic: Kolloid-Tagung
  • Presentation Modifying the Dynamic Behavior of Charged Microemulsion Droplets by Admixing Polyelectrolytes Author
    Date: 11.10.2017 , Time: 16:10 | Topic: FCS-Workshop