GAMM 2018
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Prof. Hubert Gattringer
Johannes Kepler University Linz Austria
  • Presentation Dynamical Modeling and LQR Control of a Gyroscopically Stabilized Bicycle Speaker
    Date: 20.03.2018 , Time: 10:10 | Topic: S01 | Multi-body dynamics
  • Presentation Time Optimal Path Tracking for Industrial Robots with Low Cost Computational Unit using Model Predictive Control Author
    Date: 21.03.2018 , Time: 15:40 | Topic: S20 | Dynamics and control
  • Presentation A task space admittance control algorithm for safe human robot interaction Author
    Date: 21.03.2018 , Time: 14:20 | Topic: S01 | Multi-body dynamics
  • Presentation Development of a passive, wearable knee orthosis for the support of sit-to-stand movement with adaptive assistance moment Author
    Date: 21.03.2018 , Time: 17:30 | Topic: S02 | Biomechanics