Frequently Asked Questions


Q: For whom is this summer school?

A: It is for Master and PhD students who are interested in grazing incidence scattering techniques on thin films. Participants will work with their own samples, therefore this summer school is ideal for getting started with thin film measurements using grazing incidence methods. However, also students with some experience who want to improve their data analysis and modelling are welcome to join. Feel free to contact us if you have further questions.

To learn more about the technique look this or


Q: How can I apply?

A: You should first set-up an account on this website, you can do that via the button "submit contribution" on the left. Then you need to prepare you mini-proposal using the template and submit it in the process following the "submit contribution" button. It is important that all the information requested for the mini-proposal are given due to safety reasons. Proposals are constantly reviewed. As soon as your submission is accepted, you will receive a code with which you can register and pay to enroll to the summer school.


Q: What is the difference between registering and setting up an account for the website?

A: To be able to access the internal pages of the system, you need to set-up an account for the website. This will allow you to up-load your proposal and makes you visible in our conference system as someone in the submission process. The registration process will generate the invoice for your course fee. Only once we have received your payment, you will have your reserved slot for measurements and participation in the summer school.


Q: How much is the fee?

A: You can find the necessary information under "Important Dates and Fees" on the left.


Q: What is included in the fee?

A: The fee includes remote measurements at the ALS and on-site training at the FRMII reactor in Munich. Further it includes lectures and tutorials for grazing incidence scattering theory and analysis as well as lecture notes. Lunch and light refreshments are provided during the day as well as two social dinners. The fee does not include accomodation or transport.


Q: What kind of samples can be measured?

A: The samples should be smooth thin films prepared on glass or silicon. They can be organic or inorganic, but must be stable over a few weeks. The thickness should be in the nanometer range. If you are fully registered for the event you will get access to further sample preparation details like sizes etc. If you need more information in advance please contact us (see bottom of this page).


Q: Why do I need to state the amount of my samples in the mini-proposal?

A: For safety reasons we need to declare how much of which material is present in your sample. Using film thickness and sample size with the material density is sufficient.


Q: How will the X-ray experiments be carried out?

A: The samples will be collected at TU Munich, then they will be sent to ALS Berkeley. The experiments will be measured remotely prior and during the summer school.


Q: How can I get to the campus?

A: The subway line U6 will take you to the campus from the city centre. It takes about 25 minutes. You can also use busses 230 and 292 from Garching city to the campus. More information about the transport can be found under "Accommodation".


Q: What do I need to bring with me to the lectures?

A: Every student should make sure their own samples arrive in Munich te latest by 27/06/2016. For the summerschool every student requires his/her own laptop. This is essential for the tutorials on analysis and modelling. On 21st of July students will explain what they work on, so you should also bring a poster with you to help you present your project.


Q: How can I make the payment?

A: Once your mini-proposal is accepted you can pay with credit card or send the fee to our bank account. The details of the account will be sent to you in an invoice. Please make sure the payment is received in time.


Q: I am already registered but cannot make it to the event. Can I get a refund?

A: If the cancellation is made before 09.05.2016, then you will be refunded, but a processing fee of EUR 50 applies. If the cancellation is made after 09.05.2016, there will be no refund. However a substitute can attend the event if the sample system stays the same. In this case please contact us via email until 20.06.2016.




Q: I have a question that isn't on this list, who can I contact?

A: General questions:

Ekin Uhri, email:

Dr. Eva M. Herzig, email:

Questions regarding GISANS samples:

Dr. Sebastian Jaksch, email:

Questions regarding GISAXS/GIWAXS samples:

Dr. Eva M. Herzig, email: or Dr. Alexander Hexemer, email: