Excursion in Munich on Friday, July 29th

09:00 Leaving Hotel “Hoyacker Hof” by Bus
10:00-12:00 Brewery Tour (2h) (Marsstr. 46 in 80335 München)
12:00-13:00 Snacks and drinks: Beer, warm “Leberkäse” and “Brezn” (1h)
13:00-17:00 City Sightseeing (4h) by Bus
  Includes breaks and free time to explore the surrounding areas
17:00 Arrival at the original venue of the 1972 Summer Olympics
17:00-19:00 Free Time (2h)
  Free time to explore the surroundings: Olympic park and the BMW World/Museum.
  Maps and suggestions will be provided.
19:00 Banquet at the BMW World
21:30 Leaving the BMW World by Bus
22:00 Arrival at Hotel “Hoyacker Hof” in Garching