Writing Symposium 2016: Supporting L2 Writing at German-Language Universities

April 7 and 8, 2016
Technische Universität München 
Munich, Germany

*** TUM students, faculty, and staff: please visit our internal registration site to register for the conference! ***

Two years ago, the symposium at Lüneburg explored the role of university writing centers in supporting L2 academic writing, with a focus on writing in English. The next year, the conference in Osnabrück expanded the conversation to include writing competencies in German as a foreign or second language. Both conferences examined challenges of and solutions for incorporating writing excellence into existing academic structures, and invited participants to share the methods and strategies that have been successful in their own universities.

This year, TUM hopes to continue conversations from the last two years to discuss writing excellence and how to teach it. Our focus will still be on the L2 context, but we welcome presentations regarding L1 writing (and comparisons between working with L1 and L2 writers) as well. Educators and administrators from across the German-speaking university landscape will gather to examine and debate the many complexities of learning, teaching, and supporting great writing in a multicultural, multilingual environment.  TUM professors, who are themselves academic writers in their fields of expertise, will contribute their own valuable points of view in a special panel discussion.

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