Volunteer to Be a Reviewer for MICCAI 2015

We invite authors who have been active in MICCAI to volunteer their effort and serve as reviewers this year. Please read the Reviewing Guidelines to understand what we expect of the reviewers. 

Please note that this year best reviewer awards will be introduced to MICCAI. So your efforts for providing good reviews and providing constructive and helpful feedback to the authors would be acknowledged. To be eligible for consideration, you need to provide at least 5 reviews. 

Reviewers / Program Committee Members of last year:

If you acted as a reviewer or as a program committee member last year, you can volunteer again for this year via the submission and reviewing system directly. In order to do so please log in to the precision conference system and go to "reviewing preferences - 2. Reviewing Categories" and indicate number of reviews you would be able to provide. 

Volunteering via email:

If you are interested in reviewing for MICCAI and you did not review for MICCAI last year, please send an email to submission@miccai2015.org and volunteer for reviewing for MICCAI 2015. Please provide the list of your relevant publications (MICCAI, TMI, MedIA, etc.) and reviewing expertise. Upon acceptance, you will receive an invitation via the submission and reviewing system and will be asked to complete your reviewing profile.

For all reviewers:

Please make sure that your profile is up-to-date. Please check following sections when you log in to the submission and reviewing system PCS.

1) My Account - Update my contact information:

  • URL 1: Your personal homepage
  • URL 2: Your Google Scholar profile

2) Reviewing Preferences:

  • Reviewing Agreement: The Reviewing Agreement describes your rights and responsibilities as a MICCAI 2015 reviewer.
  • Reviewing Categories: Indicate, for each category of submission, how many submissions you are willing to review. We encourage you to volunteer for at least 5 reviews. 
  • Reviewing History: Provide details about your previous reviewing experience. Your reviewing history will help the Program Committee to assign you submissions.
  • Areas of Expertise: Provide your areas of expertise in each of the MICCAI 2015 keywords, which will be used to automatically match you to submissions in your areas.
  • Sample Publications: Provide a representative sample of your published papers. This information will be used to automatically match you with submissions.

The deadline to apply is March 10th, 2015.

Please contact us via submission@miccai2015.org if you encounter any problems.