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Presenters Instructions

Podium Presentation: There is no specific format for the presentations. You can use your institution's or your favorite template. Each podium presentation is allocated 30 minutes, which includes also the discussion. Please leave at least 5 minutes for discussion.

Poster Presentation: There is no specific format for the posters; please use your institution's template, or your favorite format. The size is maximum A1, and the authors are responsible for printing and bringing the posters.


Below are the papers that have been accepted for presentation (podium or poster) and have completed the registration process.

5233. Auction-based Implementation of Traffic Services to Maximize Activity-based Social Welfare
Keiichiro Hayakawa; Eiji Hato
Presenter: Hayakawa, Keiichiro

5234. The impact of land use effects in infrastructure CBA – a simulation study
Jonas Eliasson; Christian Savemark; Joel Franklin
Presenter: Eliasson, Prof. Jonas

5246. Cost Function for urban rail tranport systems
Presenter: Anupriya, Anupriya

5250. Separating Effects of Social Influence and Choice Consistency in Sequential Stated Adaptation Experiments
Xiaofeng Pan; Soora Rasouli; Harry Timmermans
Presenter: Pan, Xiaofeng

5254. Quantifying the causal effects of high speed rail: Evidence from the Madrid-Barcelona Corridor
Jose Manuel Carbo; Daniel J. Graham; Anupriya Anupriya; Daniel Casas
Presenter: Carbo Martinez, Dr. Jose Manuel

5255. Controllability of transportation networks
Marco Rinaldi; Francesco Viti
Presenter: Rinaldi, Dr. Marco

5256. Testing the Exogeneity of Instrumental Variables in Discrete Choice Models
C. Angelo Guevara
Presenter: Guevara, Dr. C. Angelo

5260. Joint Estimation of Signal Timings for all Directions of an Intersection Using Low-Frequency GPS Data
Xin Qi; Jin Zhou; Hai Jiang
Presenter: Jiang, Hai

5262. Optimal capacity location problem of parking and accelerated moving walkways to design a car-free city center
Yuki Oyama; Riccardo Scarinci; Michel Bierlaire
Presenter: Oyama, Dr. Yuki

5263. Knowledge Integration by Using Adaptive Neural-fuzzy Networks for Ramp Metering
Martin Gregurić; Sadko Mandžuka; Edouard Ivanjko
Presenter: Greguric, Martin

5264. Children's independent travel to primary school – findings from a medium-sized suburban town in Germany
Joachim Scheiner; Oliver Huber
Presenter: Scheiner, Joachim

5266. Spatiotemporal structure of urban traffic flows: from road network to data-driven feature selection
Dmitry Pavlyuk
Presenter: Pavlyuk, Dr. Dmitry

5267. Modelling the effect of foreign origin on mode choice in two different cycling cultures
Sonja Haustein; Maarten Kroesen; Ismir Mulalic
Presenter: Kroesen, Maarten

5268. Determinants of the consideration mode choice set
Danique Ton; Dorine Duives; Oded Cats; Sascha Hoogendoorn-Lanser; Serge Paul Hoogendoorn
Presenter: Ton, Danique

5270. Network-wide synchronized scheduling of public transport services
Konstantinos Gkiotsalitis; Oded Cats
Presenter: Cats, Dr. Oded

5271. An interactive tool for assessing green transport policy
Ioannis Tsouros; Amalia Polydoropoulou
Presenter: Tsouros, Ioannis

5272. Hypothetical biases in the value of waiting time
Bara Karlinova; Ondrej Krcal; Stefanie Peer; Rostislav Stanek
Presenter: Peer, Dr. Stefanie

5274. How far do people walk and cycle for different activities? Evidence from the Netherlands
Florian Schneider; Winnie Daamen; Sascha Hoogendoorn-Lanser; Serge Paul Hoogendoorn
Presenter: Schneider, Florian

5275. Model of the Swiss Freight Railway Network Design Problem
Nikola Obrenovic; Virginie Lurkin; Stefano Bortolomiol; Michel Bierlaire; Vincent Joel Baeriswyl; Jasmin Bigdon
Presenter: Obrenovic, Dr. Nikola

5277. Energy efficiency and road safety: The effect of cars' size on risky driving behavior
Aviv Steren; Stav Rosenzweig; Ofir Rubin
Presenter: Steren, Aviv

5280. To trade or not to trade? Tradable parking permits and rationality: evidence from an experiment.
Devi Brands; Jasper Knockaert; Paul Koster; Erik Verhoef
Presenter: Brands, Devi

5281. Investigating the effect of weather on bus origin-destination patterns: A case study from Changsha, China
Tianli Tang; Ronghui Liu; Charisma Choudhury
Presenter: Tang, Tianli

5285. Controlling the propagation of passenger disruption impacts in multi-level public transport networks
Menno Yap; Oded Cats; Niels van Oort; Serge Paul Hoogendoorn
Presenter: Yap, Menno

5290. Analysis of Temporal Dependencies in the Occurrence of Life Events Using Dynamic Bayesian Networks
Jia Guo; Tao Feng; Harry Timmermans
Presenter: Guo, Mrs. Jia

5294. Evaluation of the Traffic Efficiency of Bicycle Highways: A Microscopic Traffic Simulation Study
Georgios Grigoropoulos; Andreas Keler; Jakob Kaths; Heather Twaddle; Matthias Spangler; Silja Hoffmann; Fritz Busch
Presenter: Grigoropoulos, Mr. Georgios

5296. To what extent location choices of new and relocating economic establishments differ in terms of preference for accessibility?
Ioannis Baraklianos; Louafi Bouzouina; Ouassim Manout; Patrick Bonnel
Presenter: Baraklianos, Ioannis

5298. Exploring Weather Effects on Powered-Two-Wheeler Safety on Urban Arterials in Athens
Athanasios Theofilatos; Dimitrios Tselentis; George Yannis; Quan Yuan
Presenter: Tselentis, Mr. Dimitrios

5300. Robustness of Synthetic Traffic Networks Under Random Link Disruption
Alonso Espinosa Mireles de Villafranca; Wisinee Wisetjindawat; Eddie Wilson
Presenter: Espinosa Mireles de Villafranca, Alonso

5301. Data-driven prediction of experienced travel times for freeways
Semin Kwak; Nikolas Geroliminis
Presenter: Kwak, Semin

5303. Using smart card data to analyse the disruption impacts on urban metro systems
Nan Zhang; Daniel J. Graham; Jose Manuel Carbo
Presenter: Zhang, Nan

5304. Objective Functions for Adaptive Railway Traffic Management by Approximate Dynamic Programming
Taha Ghasempour; Benjamin Heydecker; Taku Fujiyama
Presenter: Ghasempour, Mr. Taha

5305. The Gini index of demand imbalances in public transport networks
Daniel Hörcher; Daniel J. Graham
Presenter: Horcher, Dr. Daniel

5308. Accounting for capacity constraints and online information in a frequency based transit assignment model
Nurit Oliker; Shlomo Bekhor
Presenter: Oliker, Nurit

5313. A MILP formulation for the maximum likelihood estimation of continuous and discrete parameters in choice models
Virginie Lurkin; Anna Fernández Antolín; Michel Bierlaire
Presenter: Lurkin, Dr. Virginie

5316. Scheduled Platoons of Public Transport Autonomous Modular Vehicles
Tao Liu; Avishai Ceder; Andreas Rau
Presenter: Liu, Dr. Tao

5318. Public transport design, scale economies and optimal pricing: the role of space
Sergio Jara-Diaz; Andres Fielbaum; Antonio Gschwender
Presenter: Jara-diaz, Sergio

5319. Quality assessment of distributions in transport modelling
Eric Pestel
Presenter: Pestel, Eric

5322. Dynamic Discrete-Continous Model Incorporating Heterogeneity of Time Constraint for Analysis of Evacuation Networks under Disaster
Mizuki Ueda; Eiji Hato
Presenter: Ueda, Mizuki

5327. What is the role of weather, built-environment and accessibility geographical characteristics in influencing travelers’ experience?
Roberto Abenoza; Oded Cats; Yusak Susilo
Presenter: F. Abenoza, Roberto

5328. An artificial neural network based approach to uncover Value-of-Time distributions
Sander Van Cranenburgh; Marco Kouwenhoven
Presenter: Van Cranenburgh, Dr. Sander

5330. Inclusive mobility in the West Midlands - Understanding declining bus patronage by senior residents from smart card data
Jens Kandt; Alistair Leak
Presenter: Kandt, Dr. Jens

5331. Utility-Based Kalman Filtering for real-time estimation of daily demand flows
Guido Cantelmo; Francesco Viti; Constantinos Antoniou; Arun Akkinepally; Moshe Ben-Akiva
Presenter: Cantelmo, Dr. Guido

5332. Estimating Values of Time on National Travel Survey data.
Juan Lorenzo; Maria Börjesson; Andrew Daly
Presenter: Lorenzo Varela, Mr. Juan Manuel

5336. Impacts of the network design history on day-to-day multimodal dynamic traffic assignment
Mostafa Ameli; Jean-Patrick Lebacque; Ludovic Leclercq
Presenter: Ameli, Mostafa

5338. Global air cargo model for trade flow analysis and strategic decision-making support
Alessandro Bombelli; Lars Meijs; Bruno Santos; Lorant. A. Tavasszy; Daniel Miranda
Presenter: Bombelli, Dr. Alessandro

5339. Real time multiline holding control for networks with shared transit corridor
Georgios Laskaris; Oded Cats; Erik Jenelius; Marco Rinaldi; Francesco Viti
Presenter: Laskaris, Georgios

5340. Envisioning the futures of mobility and the emergence of a Connected, Coordinated and Automated Road Transport
Biagio Ciuffo; Maria Alonso Raposo; Aleksandr Belov; Michail Makridis; Konstantinos Mattas
Presenter: Makridis, Dr. Michail

5341. Towards data-driven microscopic traffic simulation models
Vasileia Papathanasopoulou; Constantinos Antoniou
Presenter: Papathanasopoulou, Dr. Vasileia

5342. Will car users change their mobility patterns with Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and microtransit? – A latent class cluster analysis
María Jesús Alonso González; Anne Durand; Lucas Harms; Niels van Oort; Oded Cats; Sascha Hoogendoorn-Lanser; Serge Paul Hoogendoorn
Presenter: Alonso Gonzalez, Maria J.

5344. Variable speed limit and ramp metering assessment using FCD
Simon Cohen; Zoi Christoforou; Régine Seidowsky
Presenter: Cohen, Simon

5349. Optimal crowd management for congested metro stations
Flurin Hänseler; Serge Paul Hoogendoorn
Presenter: Hanseler, Flurin

5353. Two-Sided Market Evaluation of Last-Mile Transit Operations with En-Route Transfers
Nicholas Caros; Joseph Chow
Presenter: Caros, Nicholas

5356. User Response to the Dynamic Pricing of Carsharing Services: A Stated-Choice Approach
Chenyang Wu; Scott Le Vine; John W. Polak
Presenter: Wu, Chenyang

5359. Comparison of MFD-based approaches with microscopic simulation data for real networks: Production hysteresis and trip lengths
Mahendra Paipuri; Ludovic Leclercq; Jean Krug
Presenter: Paipuri, Dr. Mahendra

5360. Automatic Incident Detection in Freeways by using Bluetooth Based Tracking
Pedro Mercader; Jack Haddad
Presenter: Mercader, Dr. Pedro

5361. Performance evaluation of heuristic algorithms for the activity chain optimization problem
Domokos Esztergár-Kiss; Imad Sabbani; Zoltán Rózsa; Tamás Tettamanti
Presenter: Esztergár-Kiss, Domokos

5362. Motivating the Use of Real-Time Multimodal Travel Planners: The Role of Users Perceived Value, Technophile and Place Attachment
Aliasghar Mehdizadeh Dastjerdi; Sigal Kaplan; Joao de Abreu e Silva; Francisco Camara Pereira
Presenter: Mehdizadeh Dastjerdi, Aliasghar

5366. Autonomous Intersection Management Including Pedestrians
Tanja Niels; Klaus Bogenberger; Aleksandar Stevanovic; Nikola Mitrovic; Robert Bertini
Presenter: Niels, Tanja

5369. Optimizing Urban Road Networks for Automated Driving
Bahman Madadi; Rob van Nes; Maaike Snelder; Bart van Arem
Presenter: Madadi, Bahman

5371. How to keep your AV on the right track? An obfuscation-based model of decision-making by autonomous agents
Caspar G. Chorus
Presenter: Chorus, Caspar

5372. Modeling local flow restriction at boundaries in multi-reservoir systems: An hybrid approach
Guilhem Mariotte; Ludovic Leclercq; Mahendra Paipuri
Presenter: Mariotte, Guilhem

5374. A study on the effects of highway and traffic characteristics on cyclist behaviour using an instrumented bicycle
Ioannis Kaparias; Yutian Gao; Shahjahan Miah
Presenter: Kaparias, Dr. Ioannis

5375. Traffic diversion in response to incident detection οn coastal urban roads
Athanasios Koukounaris; Yorgos Stephanedes; Konstantina Marousi
Presenter: Koukounaris, Athanasios

5376. Validation of latent class models to account for the effect of flexibility in departure time choices
Mikkel Thorhauge
Presenter: Cherchi, Elisabetta

5379. Quality Monitoring in Public Transportation using Internet Panel Surveys
Ebtihal Sheety; Ayelet Gal-Tzur; Shlomo Bekhor
Presenter: Sheety, Ebtihal

5380. Population Synthesis Meets Deep Generative Modelling
Stanislav Borysov; Jeppe Rich; Francisco Camara Pereira
Presenter: Borysov, Dr. Stanislav

5381. Evacuation Travel Demand Analysis – Haifa 2016 Wildfire
Ido Marom, Tomer Toledo
Presenter: Marom, Ido

5383. Including the Effect of Latent Mobility Styles in Mobility as a Service Plan Choice Models
Melinda Matyas; Maria Kamargianni
Presenter: Matyas, Melinda

5384. Integrating train access and egress choices with mode and destination choice in the Dutch National Model System
Jasper Willigers; Frank Hofman
Presenter: Willigers, Dr. Jasper

5385. An optimization model of automated taxis in trip assignment under elastic demand for the first/last mile problem
Xiao Liang; Kun An; Gonçalo Correia; Bart van Arem
Presenter: Liang, Mrs. Xiao

5389. Market dynamics between public transport and competitive ride-sourcing providers
Renos Karamanis; Panagiotis Angeloudis; Aruna Sivakumar; Marc Stettler
Presenter: Angeloudis, Dr. Panagiotis

5390. Comparing theoretical pedestrian simulation models with data driven techniques
George Kouskoulis; Constantinos Antoniou; Ioanna Spyropoulou
Presenter: Kouskoulis, George

5394. Methodology for real-time congestion forecasting based on Feature Engineering
Yana Barsky; Ayelet Gal-Tzur; Shlomo Bekhor
Presenter: Ayelet Gal-Tzur

5395. The Influence of Toll Road Construction on Residential Location Decision: A Case Study in Indonesia
I Gusti Ayu Andani; Lissy La Paix; Karst Geurs
Presenter: Andani, I.G. Ayu

5396. A Lagrangian relaxation technique for the demand-based benefit maximization problem
Meritxell Pacheco Paneque; Bernard Gendron; Virginie Lurkin; Shadi Sharif Azadeh; Michel Bierlaire
Presenter: Pacheco Paneque, Meritxell

5397. Spatial panel models to examine travel demand: A case study of Randstad, the Netherlands
Dena Kasraian; Ahmadreza Faghih Imani; Kees Maat; Naveen Eluru; Eric Miller
Presenter: Faghih Imani, Dr. Seyed Ahmadreza

5398. Role of Demand Responsive Transit in Mobility as a Service Systems – A Multi-Level Perspective
Fariya Sharmeen; Henk Meurs
Presenter: Sharmeen, Fariya

5399. Dynamic modeling of vehicle purchases and vehicle type choices from national household travel survey data
Francisco J. Bahamonde Birke; Benjamin Kickhöfer; Falko Nordenholz; Lars Kröger
Presenter: Bahamonde-birke, Dr. Francisco

5400. Adoption of Ridehailing in California and Impacts on the Use of Other Travel Modes
Giovanni Circella; Farzad Alemi
Presenter: Circella, Dr. Giovanni

5402. Group decision modelling approach to analyse response behaviour of household travel survey: Examining proxy-response bias
Presenter: Kawano , Tomoki

5404. Gating as a management strategy for controlling pedestrian flows
Nicholas Molyneaux
Presenter: Molyneaux, Nicholas

5406. Regional dynamic traffic assignment framework for multi-reservoir MFD models
Sergio Batista; Ludovic Leclercq
Presenter: Batista, Sergio

Ioulia Markou; Filipe Rodrigues; Francisco Camara Pereira
Presenter: Markou, Ioulia

5408. Exploring the impacts of workday time use behavior on holiday time use behavior based on a MDCEV model: A comparison between urban and rural cities in Japan
Hajime WATANABE; Yoshihiro SATO; Makoto Chikaraishi; Eiji Hato; Takuya MARUYAMA
Presenter: Watanabe, Hajime

5410. Choice of multimodal travel modes: Does personality matter?
Amalia Polydoropoulou; Athena Tsirimpa; Ioannis Tsouros; Ioanna Pagoni
Presenter: Tsirimpa, Athena

5412. Growth or displacement? - A metro line’s causal impact on employment and firm location: evidence from London
Csaba Gabor Pogonyi; Daniel J. Graham; Jose Manuel Carbo
Presenter: Pogonyi, Csaba Gabor

5415. Assessing the welfare impacts of MaaS: A case study in Switzerland
Henrik Becker; Milos Balac; Francesco Ciari; Kay W. Axhausen
Presenter: Balac, Milos

5416. Macroscopic Traffic Dynamics with Dual Perimeter Control and External Routing
Deepak Ingole; Guilhem Mariotte; Ludovic Leclercq
Presenter: Ingole, Dr. Deepak

5419. A Linear Quadratic Integral Regulator for Local Ramp Metering in the Case of Distant Downstream Bottlenecks
EVGENIA STYLIANOPOULOU; Maria Kontorinaki; Markos Papageorgiou; Ioannis Papamichail
Presenter: Papamichail, Ioannis

5420. Semantic Enrichment through Inverse Discrete Choice Modelling: A Mutual Information Approach
YUANYING ZHAO; Jacek Pawlak; John W. Polak
Presenter: Zhao, Yuanying

5422. Transportation network equilibrium in presence of autonomous vehicles
Michael Sorani; Shlomo Bekhor
Presenter: Bekhor, Shlomo

5425. Understanding Connected and Autonomous Vehicles: An Analysis of Expert Predictions about Their True Potential
Alexandros Nikitas; Eric Tchouamou Njoya; Samir Dani
Presenter: Nikitas, Dr. Alexandros

5426. Integrated control of motorway bottlenecks via flow metering and lane assignment
Claudio Roncoli; Farzam Tajdari; Nikolaos Bekiaris-Liberis; Markos Papageorgiou
Presenter: Roncoli, Claudio

5428. An analysis of the joint dynamics of attitudes, intentions and behaviour in e-cycling
Nicolò Daina; Charilaos Latinopoulos; Francesco Manca; Konstantinos Zavitsas; Aruna Sivakumar; John W. Polak
Presenter: Daina, Dr. Nicolo

5429. Urban Travel Behaviour: A Cross-country Comparison
Eleni Mantouka; Alexandros Papacharalampous; Ismini Stroumpou; Léonie Heydenrijk-Ottens; Sanmay Shelat; Pablo Chamoso Santos; Joan Guisado-Gamez; Viktoriya Degeler; Evangelos Mitsakis; Eleni Vlahogianni; Josep Lluis Larriba-Pey
Presenter: Mantouka, Mrs. Eleni

5430. Simultaneous estimation of a joint time use, expenditure allocation and mode choice model: A simulated maximum likelihood approach
Basil Schmid
Presenter: Schmid, Basil

5431. Dynamic simulation of the German vehicle market
Lars Kröger; Benjamin Kickhöfer; Francisco J. Bahamonde Birke; Falko Nordenholz; Marie-Sophie Bolz
Presenter: Kroger, Lars

5435. Analysing the influence of station characteristics and perceived safety on public transport ridership: A case study from the Greater Copenhagen Area
Jesper Ingvardson; Otto Anker Nielsen; Shahbaz Altaf
Presenter: Ingvardson, Jesper

5438. Formalization of operational regulations for railways
Sebastian Schön; Eduard Kamburjan; Andreas Oetting; Reiner Hähnle
Presenter: Schon, Sebastian

5439. Habitual behaviour versus reasoned trade-off of mode characteristics in the choice to commute to work by bike
Francesco Piras; Elisabetta Cherchi; Eleonora Sottile; Italo Meloni
Presenter: Piras, Francesco

5440. An efficient hierarchical model for multi-source information fusion
Ismaïl Saadi; Bilal Farooq; Ahmed Mustafa; Jacques Teller; Mario Cools
Presenter: Cools, Mario

5442. Identifying shippers’ attitudes towards synchromodal freight transport services
masoud khakdaman; Jafar Rezaei; Lorant. A. Tavasszy
Presenter: Khakdaman, Masoud

5444. Social Media Users as Carriers into the Last Mile Delivery
Ioannis Karakikes; Eftihia Nathanail; Giannis Adamos; Maria Karatsoli
Presenter: Karakikes, Ioannis

5446. A new framework for assessing classification algorithms for mode choice prediction
Tim Hillel; Michel Bierlaire; Mohammed Elshafie; Ying Jin
Presenter: Hillel, Tim

5448. Travellers' activities preference prediction using social media data
Charis Chalkiadakis; Panagiotis Iordanopoulos; Evangelos Mitsakis; Eleni Vlahogianni
Presenter: Mitsakis, Dr. Evangelos

5449. Optimal lane guidance for improving traffic efficiency on homogeneous freeway sections
Niharika Mahajan; Andreas Hegyi; Serge Paul Hoogendoorn; Bart van Arem
Presenter: Mahajan, Niharika

5450. Sizing a fleet of automated taxis: A demand-responsive case study for Zurich
Sebastian Hörl; Felix Becker; Milos Balac; Kay W. Axhausen
Presenter: Horl, Sebastian

5451. Assessing the performance of bike-sharing in Greece
Emmanuil Tsioptsias; Amalia Polydoropoulou; Ioanna Pagoni
Presenter: Pagoni, Ioanna

5453. Determining the Optimal Allocation of Automated Buses
Jonas Hatzenbühler; Erik Jenelius; Oded Cats
Presenter: Hatzenbuhler, Jonas

5454. Spatial-Temporal Hybrid Deep Neural Networks for Early Congestion Detection
Lin Zhu; Fangce Guo; Rajesh Krishnan; John W. Polak
Presenter: Zhu, Lin

5456. Relocating Strategies under Parking Constraints for a Fleet of Shared Automated Vehicles
Konstanze Winter; Oded Cats; Karel Martens; Bart van Arem
Presenter: Winter, Konstanze

5457. A quantitative analysis of (in)stability in the morning commute problem
Raphael Lamotte; Nikolas Geroliminis
Presenter: Lamotte, Raphael

5458. Modeling the effect of subway strikes on bus operations using Automatic Vehicle Location Data
Christina Milioti; Christina Iliopoulou; Konstantinos Kepaptsoglou
Presenter: Iliopoulou, Ms. Christina

5462. Stated preferences in the digital age: an incremental design to assist recommender systems
Charilaos Latinopoulos; John W. Polak
Presenter: Latinopoulos, Dr. Charilaos

5463. Time-use in Automated Vehicles and Daily Activity Schedules: A Focus Group Study
Baiba Pudāne; Michał Rataj; Eric J.E. Molin; Niek Mouter; Hadi Asghari; Sander Van Cranenburgh; Caspar G. Chorus
Presenter: Pudane, Baiba

5464. A Macroscopic Flow Model for Mixed Bicycle-Car Traffic
Marie-Jette Wierbos; Victor Knoop; Flurin Hänseler; Serge Paul Hoogendoorn
Presenter: Wierbos, Marie-Jette

5466. Using Smartphones to Identify Ecological Driving Footprint
IOANNIS MAVROGIANNIS; Ioannis Kalogeris; Emmanouil Barbounakis; Eleni Vlahogianni
Presenter: Eleni Vlahogianni

5467. Operational measures and logistical considerations for the decarbonization of maritime transport
THALIS ZIS; Harilaos Psaraftis
Presenter: Zis, Dr. Thalis

5469. Investigating the willingness of use autonomous bus as a last-mile travel mode: First evidence from public trial in Kista, Stockholm
Esther Peinen Chee; Yusak Susilo; Anna Pernestål Brenden; Yiik Diew Wong
Presenter: Susilo, Yusak

5470. Cost-Effectiveness Evaluation of Selected Road Safety Measures
Apostolos Ziakopoulos; Eleonora Papadimitriou; Athanasios Theofilatos; George Yannis
Presenter: Ziakopoulos, Mr. Apostolos

5471. Mobility-as-a-Service Ecosystem: Insights to policy makers
Amalia Polydoropoulou; Athena Tsirimpa; Ioanna Pagoni; Ioannis Tsouros
Presenter: Amalia Polidoropoulou

5476. A Two Phase Heuristic Approach For The Dynamic Electric Autonomous Dial-a-Ride Problem
Claudia Bongiovanni; Mor Kaspi; Nikolas Geroliminis
Presenter: Bongiovanni, Claudia

5479. The Synchromodal Coordinator: An optimization and simulation gaming approach to examine port hinterland transport profitability
Ioanna Kourounioti; Dimitrios Karamplelas; Lorant. A. Tavasszy
Presenter: Karampelas, Dimitrios

5480. Development of multi-region MFD-based dynamic models with boundary queues and integration in model predictive control framework
Isik Ilber Sirmatel; Nikolas Geroliminis
Presenter: Sirmatel, Isik Ilber

5482. Modeling residents external activity-travel in an activity-based model using FEATHERS
Syed Fazal Abbas Baqueri; Muhammad Adnan; Bruno Kochan; Tom Bellemans
Presenter: Muhammad Adnan

5483. By Any Means Necessary? Modelling the Link Between Private Budgets and Public Projects Using Mental Accounting
Matthew Pentecost; Niek Mouter
Presenter: Pentecost, Matthew

5484. On-line proactive relocation strategies in station-based one-way car-sharing systems
Martin Repoux; Mor Kaspi; Burak Boyaci; Nikolas Geroliminis
Presenter: Repoux, Martin

5485. Enhancing Discrete Choice Models with Neural Networks
Brian Sifringer; Virginie Lurkin; Alexandre Alahi
Presenter: Kreiss, Dr. Sven

5487. Modelling off-street parking prices with endogenous car ownership levels
Georgios Sarlas; Kay W. Axhausen
Presenter: Sarlas, Georgios

5489. Optimization of Discrete Choice Models using first-order methods
Gael Lederrey; Virginie Lurkin; Michel Bierlaire
Presenter: Lederrey, Gael

5493. A Latent Variable Model to Capture the Difference Between Tourists' and Residents' Mode Choice in Leisure Trips
Nikoleta Krousouloudi; Amalia Polydoropoulou
Presenter: Krousouloudi, Nikoleta

5494. Short-term prediction of on-board passenger volumes in public transport vehicles based on non-exhaustive Automatic Passenger Counting data
Zoi Christoforou; Ektoras Chandakas; Ioannis Kaparias
Presenter: Christoforou, Dr. Zoi

5497. Mobile phone use and night time driving: impact on driving behaviour
Helen Andrikopoulou; Ioanna Spyropoulou
Presenter: Andrikopoulou, Mrs. Helen

5498. Learning nuisances to track pedestrians in autonomous vehicles
George Adaimi; Alexandre Alahi
Presenter: Adaimi, George

5499. Evaluating the value of information on the revenue performance of mobility on-demand system
Yousef Maknoon; Michel Bierlaire; Shadi Sharif Azadeh

5500. Dynamic assortment optimization based on customers’ behavior using transaction data
Shadi Sharif Azadeh; Michel Bierlaire; Yousef Maknoon

5502. Systematic Behavioural Analysis of Pedestrian and Autonomous Vehicle Interactions using Virtual Immersive Reality Environment
Arash Kalatian; Bilal Farooq
Presenter: Arash Kalatian

5505. Spatial modelling of origin-destination commuting flows in Switzerland
Thomas Schatzmann; Georgios Sarlas; Kay W. Axhausen

5506. Estimating the effects of temporary bottlenecks on the capacity of urban arterial: An MFD-approach
Sasan Amini; Gabriel Tilg

5507. Using A Priori Knowledge to Improve Scene Understanding in Autonomous Navigation
Brigit Schroeder; Alexandre Alahi

5508. Transport-health equity outcomes from ICT enabled incentives schemes -the Newcastle case study
Susan Grant-Muller; Gillian Harrison; Frances Hodgson; Nicholas Malleson; Tom Redfern
Presenter: Grant-Muller, Susan

5510. Traffic Prediction with Convolutional Long Short-Term Memory
Inon Peled; Francisco Camara Pereira; Ole Winther

5515. A Mixed Method for Railway Capacity Allocation
Emanuel Broman; Jonas Eliasson

5520. Application of an extended Kalman filter traffic estimation scheme to microsimulation
Anastasios Kouvelas; Mohammadreza Saeedmanesh; Nikolas Geroliminis

5521. An alternate online calibration approach for O-D demand calibration in dynamic traffic assignment systems
Moeid Qurashi; Tao Ma; Emmanouil Chaniotakis; Constantinos Antoniou
Presenter: Constantinos Antoniou

5523. A unified public transport assignment model for mixed schedule- and frequency-based networks
Morten Eltved; Otto Anker Nielsen; Thomas Rasmussen

5524. Modelling cyclist cruising speed heterogeneity and corresponding delays on bicycle tracks
Mads Paulsen; Otto Anker Nielsen; Thomas Rasmussen

5525. Value-of-time through a financial crisis: temporal and inter-temporal variation
Jeppe Rich

5526. Are car ownership preferences changing? An age cohort analysis
Andrea Papu Carrone; Jeppe Rich

5532. Assessment of a comprehensive data validation of a combined mobility-activity-expenditure survey
Florian Aschauer; Reinhard Hössinger; Regine Gerike

5533. Investigation of instantaneous effects of real-time crowding information (RTCI) availability upon urban public transport system performance – results from a simulation-based case study
Arkadiusz Drabicki; Rafał Kucharski; Oded Cats; Andrzej Szarata

5550. The impact of on-demand service schemes provided by a fleet of shared autonomous vehicles
 Senlei Wang, Goncalo Homem de Almeida Correia, and Hai Xiang Lin

5566. Integrating Shared Autonomous Vehicle Fleet Services in Overall Urban Mobility: Dynamic Network Modeling Perspective
Hani Mahmassani; Helen Karla Ramalho de Farias Pinto; Michael Hyland; Verbas
Presenter: Mahmassani, Hani

5810. Freeway – Arterial Interactions: Strategies and Impacts
Alexander Skabardonis
Presenter: Skabardonis, Alexander