Call for Applications to join the Program Committee

We invite leaders and active members of the MICCAI community and outstanding experts in any research fields relevant to MICCAI to volunteer their effort and serve as MICCAI 2015 Program Committee members. Invitations are specifically but not exclusively extended to outstanding experts in the following areas:

Medical Image ComputingApplication Domains
  • Microstructure Imaging
  • Image Reconstruction
  • Image Segmentation
  • Image Registration
  • Feature Extraction
  • Machine Learning
  • Motion Analysis and Modeling
  • Image-based Biophysical Modeling
  • Flow and Tissue Modeling
  • Spatio-temporal Atlases
  • Shape Analysis and Modeling
  • Tensor and Higher-order Processing 
  • Computational Anatomy
  • Biological Image Analysis
  • Pathology Image Analysis
  • Clinical Image Analysis
  • Ageing and Disease Modelling
  • Computer Aided Diagnosis
  • Surgical Navigation and Guidance
  • Interventional Planning Systems
  • Surgical Training
  • Skill Assessment
  • Clinical Validation
Computer Assisted Interventions 
  • Medical Robotics
  • Interventional Imaging 
  • Human Interaction
  • Surgical Simulation
  • Advanced Visualization
  • Workflow Modeling and Monitoring
  • Surgical Navigation 

What are your duties?

Becoming a PC Member is a honour and a responsibility as the whole MICCAI community entrusts to the PC Members a big part in the quality and fairness of the Review Process. This role also entails a considerable amount of time that you would have to account for. To understand the responsibilities of the Program Committee members, please, read about the Review Process

How do you apply?

If you would like to be considered for MICCAI 2015 Program Committee for this role, please, send an email to with the following information:

  • Name and Current Affiliation
  • Previous affiliations and/or appointments
  • Link to your updated Google Scholar profile: Please make sure that your profile is public and up-to-date as this will be used as one of the main sources of information in assigning papers to the PC members.
  • Experience as PC Member: Please, indicate whether you have acted as a PC Member before? When and where?
  • Involvement in MICCAI:
    • Years of MICCAI conferences attended, otherwise conferences you attend on a regular basis.
    • Years of MICCAI conferences for which you reviewed.
    • If any, please, list of all MICCAI papers you co-authored. Please do not include MICCAI workshop papers.
  • Up to three topics that represent the focus of your research and expertise: Please do not include too many topics. We are looking for Program Committee Members who are aware of their expertise and understand the boundaries of their knowledge.
  • Outreach and Interdisciplinarity: We welcome new outstanding experts from other related scientific communities that will enrich our cadre of PC Members.
    • Please indicate for which conferences and journals you review for on a regular basis and how this expertise will enrich the MICCAI community
  • Other relevant experience: Have you organized workshops or tutorials before? Any other information you may want to indicate.
  • Other disclosures: Any additional disclosures you may want to make and that would facilitate the PC selection process.

When is the deadline for applications?

The deadline to apply is December 12, 2014. The Program Chairs will review all applications carefully and will respond by January 12, 2015. We are looking to add a relatively small number of new Program Committee members and will consider expertise and research topics as part of the decision process to ensure that the Program Committee represents well the spectrum of topics within the scope of MICCAI.