Best Reviewer Awards MICCAI 2015

This year best reviewer awards were introduced to MICCAI to appreciate the efforts for providing good reviews and providing constructive and helpful feedback to the authors. Evaluation was anonymous: secondary PC members were asked to rate the quality of the reviews in three levels: "highly useful", "useful" and "not useful". Winners of MICCAI 2015 have finished all the reviews they were assigned on time, did volunteer and provide more than 5 reviews, did not get any "not useful" rating for all the reviews they submitted and received at least 5 ratings of "highly useful" during the evaluation and therefore considered to be the top five among the ca. 700 reviewers of MICCAI 2015. The runners up received 4 "highly useful" ratings during the best reviewer selection process. 

Vercauteren, Tom
Rohling, Robert
Cheng, Jian
Peyrat, Jean-Marc
Prevost, Raphael

Runners Up
Huang, Xiaojie
Bagci, Ulas
Xu, Yanwu
Kandemir, Melih
Pham, Dzung
Zhou, Luping
Tasdizen, Tolga
Xu, Ziyue
Sznitman, Raphael
Hennersperger, Christoph
Urschler, Martin
Mateus, Diana
Ng, Bernard