List of Accepted Papers

103 Direct Calibration of a Laser Ablation System in the Projective Voltage Space
104 Autonomous Ultrasound-Guided Tissue Dissection
106 Dictionary Learning Based Image Descriptor for Myocardial Registration of CP-BOLD MR
107 Automatic Fetal Ultrasound Standard Plane Detection Using Knowledge Transferred Recurrent Neural Networks
108 Automatic Localization and Identification of Vertebrae in Spine CT via a Joint Learning Model with Deep Neural Networks
110 Deep Convolutional Encoder Networks for Multiple Sclerosis Lesion Segmentation
111 A Compact Retinal-surgery Telemanipulator that uses Disposable Instruments
127 Improving convenience and reliability of 5-ALA-induced fluorescent image for brain tumor surgery
140 Illustrative Visualization of Vascular Models for Static 2D Representations
141 Unsupervised myocardial segmentation for cardiac MRI
144 Surgical Tool Tracking with Pose Estimation in Retinal Microsurgery
153 Automatic Vessel Segmentation from Pulsatile Radial Distension
155 Multimodal Cortical Parcellation Based on Anatomical and Functional Brain Connectivity
159 Analysis of High-throughput Microscopy Videos: Catching Up with Cell Dynamics
163 Flexible reconstruction and correction of unpredictable motion from stacks of 2D images
165 Identification of Cerebral Small Vessel Disease Using Multiple Instance Learning
168 Learning Patient-Specific Lumped Models for Interactive Coronary Blood Flow Simulations
176 Efficient Preconditioning in Joint Total Variation Regularized Parallel MRI Reconstruction
177 Automatic Segmentation of Renal Compartments in DCE-MRI Images
180 Registration of Color and OCT Fundus Images Using Low-dimensional Step Pattern Analysis
187 Accessible Digital Ophthalmoscopy Based on Liquid-Lens Technology
189 Surrogate-Driven Estimation of Respiratory Motion and Layers in X-Ray Fluoroscopy
195 NEOCIVET: Extraction of cortical surface and analysis of gyrification in neonates using a modified MNI-CIVET pipeline
196 Robust 5DOF Transesophageal Echo Probe Tracking at Fluoroscopic Frame Rates
197 Hough Forests for Real-time, Automatic Device Localization in Fluoroscopic Images: Application to TAVR
205 Computer-Aided Detection and Quantification of Intracranial Aneurysms
210 Estimating Patient Specific Templates for Pre-Operative and Follow-Up Brain Tumor Registration
211 A sparse Bayesian learning algorithm for longitudinal image data
219 Descriptive and Intuitive Population-Based Cardiac Motion Analysis via Sparsity Constrained Tensor Decomposition
225 Learning-based shape model matching: training accurate models with minimal manual input
231 Harmonizing diffusion MRI data across multiple sites and scanners
234 Hybrid Utrasound and MRI Acquisitions for High-Speed Imaging of Respiratory Organ Motion
244 Robust Prediction of Clinical Deep Brain Stimulation Target Structures via the Estimation of Influential High-Field MR Atlases
250 Discriminative Feature Selection for Multiple Ocular Diseases Classification by Sparse Induced Graph Regularized Group Lasso
262 Neutrophils Identification by Deep Learning and Voronoi Diagram of Clusters
263 Detection of Glands and Villi by Collaboration of Domain Knowledge and Deep Learning
281 Rigid Motion Compensation in Interventional C-arm CT using Consistency Measure on Projection Data
292 Liver Motion Estimation via Locally Adaptive Over-Segmentation Regularization
295 Bayesian Personalization of Brain Tumor Growth Model
300 Vito - A Generic Agent for Multi-Physics Model Personalization: Application to Heart Modeling
301 Why Does Synthesized Data Improve Multi-Sequence Classification?
303 Label Stability in Multiple Instance Learning
305 Estimate, Compensate, Iterate: Joint Motion Estimation and Compensation in 4-D Cardiac C-arm Computed Tomography
307 Scale and Curvature Invariant Ridge Detector for Tortuous and Fragmented Structures
309 Slic-Seg: Slice-by-slice Segmentation Propagation of the Placenta in Fetal MRI using One-plane Scribbles and Online Learning
314 Motion-corrected, super-resolution reconstruction for high-resolution 3D cardiac cine MRI
323 Track Filtering via Iterative Correction of TDI Topology
324 Topography-based Registration of Developing Cortical Surfaces in Infants Using Multidirectional Varifold Representation
333 Spectral Forests: Learning of Surface Data, Application to Cortical Parcellation
335 RF ultrasound distribution-based confidence maps
336 A Liver Atlas Using the Special Euclidean Group
338 Multi-scale and Multimodal Fusion of Tract-tracing, Myelin Stain and DTI-derived Fibers in Macaque Brains
359 A Portable Intra-operative Framework applied to Distal Radius Fracture Surgery
362 Image based surgical instrument pose estimation with multi-class labelling and optical flow
364 Novel Single and Multiple Shell Uniform Sampling Schemes for Diffusion MRI Using Spherical Codes
366 Boosting Hand-Crafted Features for Curvilinear Structure Segmentation by Learning Context Filters
368 Kernel-Based Analysis of Functional Brain Connectivity on Grassmann Manifold
377 Database-Based Estimation of Liver Deformation Under Pneumoperitoneum for Surgical Image-Guidance and Simulation
380 Adaption of 3D Models to 2D X-Ray Images during Endovascular Abdominal Aneurysm Repair
385 Projection-Based Phase Features for Localization of a Needle Tip in 2D Curvilinear Ultrasound
393 q-Space Deep Learning for Twelve-Fold Shorter and Model-Free Diffusion MRI Scans
397 DeepOrgan: Multi-level Deep Convolutional Networks for Automated Pancreas Segmentation
405 Prospective Prediction of Thin-Cap Fibroatheromas from Baseline Virtual Histology Intravascular Ultrasound Data
406 Minimum s-Excess Graph for Segmenting and Tracking Multiple Borders with HMM
409 3D Deep Learning for Efficient and Robust Landmark Detection in Volumetric Data
420 A Steering Engine: Learning 3-D Anatomy Orientation using Regression Forests
425 Motion estimation of common carotid artery wall using a H∞ filter based block matching method
427 A Hybrid of Deep Network and Hidden Markov Model for MCI Identification with Resting-State fMRI
431 A machine learning based approach to fiber tractography using classifier voting
435 GPSSI: Gaussian Process for Sampling Segmentations of Images
436 Symmetric Wiener Processes for Probabilistic Tractography and Connectivity Estimation
437 A landmark-based approach for robust estimation of exposure index values in digital radiography
441 Perfusion Paths: Inference of Voxelwise Blood Flow Trajectories in CT Perfusion
451 Multi-Level Parcellation of the Cerebral Cortex Using Resting-State fMRI
459 U-Net: Convolutional Networks for Biomedical Image Segmentation
460 Automated Localization of Fetal Organs in MRI Using Random Forests with Steerable Features
464 Combining Unsupervised Feature Learning and Riesz Wavelets for Histopathology Image Representation: Application to Identifying Anaplastic Medulloblastoma
468 Interactive multi-organ segmentation based on multiple template deformation
473 A Statistical Model for Smooth Shapes in Kendall Shape Space
477 Gated-tracking: estimation of respiratory motion with confidence
481 Segmentation of Infant Hippocampus Using Common Feature Representations Learned for Multimodal Longitudinal Data
485 An Iterated Complex Matrix Approach for Simulation and Analysis of Diffusion MRI processes
488 Cooperative Robotic Gamma Imaging: Enhancing US-guided Needle Biopsy
489 Automatic Artery-Vein Separation from Thoracic CT Images using Integer Programming
490 Measuring cortical neurite orientation dispersion and perfusion in preterm-born adolescents using multi-modal MRI
492 Inertial Measurement Unit for Radiation-Free Navigated Screw Placement in Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis Surgery
494 Space-Frequency Detail-Preserving Construction of Neonatal Brain Atlases
495 Automatic Coronary Calcium Scoring in Cardiac CT Angiography using Convolutional Neural Networks
497 Computational Sonography
499 Mid-Space-Independent Symmetric Data Term for Pairwise Deformable Image Registration
502 Prediction of Motor Function in Very Preterm Infants using Connectome Features and Local Synthetic Instances
503 Co-restoring Multimodal Microscopy Images
513 A 2D-3D Registration Framework for Freehand TRUS-Guided Prostate Biopsy
517 A 3D Primary Vessel Reconstruction Framework with Serial Microscopy Images
519 Pictorial Structures on RGB-D Images for Human Pose Estimation in the Operating Room
521 A Random Riemannian Metric for Probabilistic Shortest-Path Tractography
533 Segmenting Kidney DCE-MRI Using 1st-Order Shape and 5th-Order Appearance Priors
535 Interventional photoacoustic imaging of the human placenta with ultrasonic tracking for minimally invasive fetal surgeries
536 Hierarchical Shape Distributions for Automatic Identification of 3D Diastolic Vortex Rings from 4D Flow MRI
537 Solving Logistic Regression with Cardinality Group Constraints for Time Series Analysis
544 Visibility map: A New Method in Evaluation Quality of Optical Colonoscopy
553 Adaptive Co-occurrence Differential Texton Space for HEp-2 Cells Classification
557 Interactive Whole-Heart Segmentation in Congenital Heart Disease
564 Accelerated Dynamic MRI Reconstruction with Total Variation and Nuclear Norm Regularization
569 Automated segmentation of surgical motion for performance analysis and feedback
570 Unsupervised Freeview Groupwise M3 Cardiac Images Segmentation using Synchronized Spectral Networks
571 Uncertainty Quantification for LDDMM Using a Low-rank Hessian Approximation
579 Surgical Augmented Reality with Topological Changes
581 Comparison of stochastic and variational solutions to ASL fMRI data analysis
586 A Stochastic Quasi-Newton Method for Nonrigid Image Registration
587 Robust PET motion correction Using Non-Local Spatio-Temporal Priors
590 Deep Learning and Structured Prediction for the Segmentation of Mass in Mammograms
593 A Cross Saliency Approach to Asymmetry Based Tumor Detection
594 Learning to Segment: Training Hierarchical Segmentation under a Topological Loss
602 Locally Orderless Registration for Diffusion Weighted Images
611 Prediction of CT Substitutes from MR Images based on Local Sparse Correspondence Combination
614 Vision-based Intraoperative Cone-Beam CT Stitching for Non-overlapping Volumes
618 Robust automated white matter pathway reconstruction for large studies
619 Longitudinal Analysis of Pre-Term Neonatal Ventricle in Ultrasound Images Based on Convex Optimization
620 Tissue surface reconstruction aided by local normal information using a self-calibrated endoscopic structured light system
623 Automatic 3D US Brain Ventricle Segmentation in Pre-term Neonates Using Multi-Phase Geodesic Level-Sets with Shape Prior
631 You Should Use Regression to Detect Cells
634 Automatic Dual-View Mass Detection in Full-Field Digital Mammograms
635 Learning Tensor-Based Features for Whole-Brain fMRI Classification
638 Robust CT Synthesis for Radiotherapy Planning: Application to the Head & Neck region
639 Subject-specific Models for the Analysis of Pathological FDG PET Data
641 Mean Aneurysm Flow Amplitude Ratio Comparison between DSA and CFD
648 Grey matter sublayer thickness estimation in the mouse cerebellum
658 Spatiotemporal Parsing of Motor Kinematics for Assessing Stroke Recovery
660 Exploiting the Phase in Diffusion MRI for Microstructure Recovery: Towards Axonal Tortuosity via Asymmetric Diffusion Processes
663 Prediction of Trabecular Bone Anisotropy from Quantitative Computed Tomography using Supervised Learning and a Novel Morphometric Feature Descriptor
668 Towards an Efficient Computational Framework for Guiding Surgical Resection through Intra-operative Endo-microscopic Pathology
675 Predicting Activation across Individuals with Resting-State Functional Connectivity based Multi-Atlas Label Fusion
676 Leveraging Mid-Level Semantic Boundary Cues for Automated Lymph Node Detection
688 Multiple Surface Segmentation Using Truncated Convex Priors
691 Statistical power in image segmentation: relating sample size to reference standard quality
695 Sparse Bayesian Inference of White Matter Fiber Orientations from Compressed Multi-resolution Diff usion MRI
710 Crossing-Lines Registration for Direct Electromagnetic Navigation
716 Automatic Prostate Brachytherapy Preplanning using Joint Sparse Analysis
718 Computer-aided Pulmonary Embolism Detection Using a Novel Vessel-Aligned Multi-Planar Representation and Convolutional Neural Networks
719 A Hybrid Approach for Segmentation and Tracking of Myxococcus Xanthus Swarms
725 Automatic Diagnosis of Ovarian Carcinomas via Sparse Multi Resolution Tissue Representation
726 Fast Background Removal in 3D Fluorescence Microscopy Images Using One-Class Learning
729 Hierarchical Reconstruction of 7T-like Images from 3T MRI using Multi-Level CCA and Group Sparsity
730 Unregistered Multiview Mammogram Analysis with Pre-trained Deep Learning Models
741 Uncertainty-driven Forest Predictors for Vertebra Localization and Segmentation
743 Automated Assessment of Surgical Skills Using Frequency Analysis
751 Classification of MRI under the Presence of Disease Heterogeneity using Multi-Task Learning: Application to Bipolar Disorder
757 Ultrasound-based Detection of Prostate Cancer Using Automatic Feature Selection with Deep Belief Networks
758 Scandent tree: a random forest learning method for incomplete multimodal datasets
762 Automatic Craniomaxillofacial Landmark Digitization via Segmentation-guided Partially-joint Regression Forest Model
764 Joint Learning of Image Regressor and Classifier for Deformable Segmentation of CT Pelvic Organs
767 MCI Identification by Joint Learning on Multiple MRI Data
770 Medical Image Retrieval using Multi-Graph Learning for MCI Diagnostic Assistance
778 Corpus callosum segmentation in MS studies using normal atlases and optimal hybridization of extrinsic and intrinsic image cues
786 Automatic Feature Learning for Glaucoma Detection based on Deep Learning
793 A Robust Outliers' Elimination Approach for Multimodal Retina Image Registration
805 Brain Tissue Segmentation Based on Diffusion MRI Using L0 Sparse-Group Representation Classification
806 A Latent Source Model for Patch-Based Image Segmentation
809 Fiber Connection Pattern-guided Structured Sparse Representation of Whole-brain FMRI Signals for Functional Network Inference
824 Motion Representation of Ciliated Cell Images with Contour-Alignment for Automated CBF Estimation
833 Regenerative Random Forest with Automatic Feature Selection to Detect Mitosis in Histopathological Breast Cancer Images
834 Fast Automatic Vertebrae Detection and Localization in Pathological CT Scans - A Deep Learning Approach
851 Multi-GPU Reconstruction of Dynamic Compressed Sensing MRI
853 Prospective Identification of CRT Super Responders Using a Motion Atlas and Random Projection Ensemble Learning
857 Scale-Adaptive Forest Training via an Efficient Feature Sampling Scheme
858 Joint Estimation of Hemodynamic Response Function and Voxel Activation in functional MRI Data
863 Quantifying Microstructure in Fiber Crossings with Diffusional Kurtosis
867 Which Manifold Should be Used for Group Comparison in Diffusion Tensor Imaging?
873 Robust Spectral Denoising for Water-Fat Separation in Magnetic Resonance Imaging
876 HoTPiG: A novel geometrical feature for vessel morphometry and its application to cerebral aneurysm detection
878 Convex Non-Negative Spherical Factorization of Multi-Shell Diffusion-Weighted Images
879 Guided Random Forests for Identification of Key Fetal Anatomy and Image Categorization in Ultrasound Scans
883 Tensorial Spherical Polar Fourier Diffusion MRI with Optimal Dictionary Learning
887 Multiple instance cancer detection by boosting regularised trees
894 Estimating Large Lung Motion in COPD Patients by Symmetric Regularised Correspondence Fields
903 Semantic 3-D Labeling of ear implants using a global parametric transition prior
909 Automated shape and texture analysis for detection of Osteoarthritis from radiographs of the knee
910 Application of L0-Norm Regularization to Epicardial Potential Reconstruction
911 A registration approach to endoscopic laser speckle contrast imaging for intrauterine visualisation of placental vessels
913 Combining Transversal and Longitudinal Registration in IVUS Studies
928 Diffusion Compartmentalization Using Response Function Groups with Cardinality Penalization
929 Who is talking to whom: synaptic partner detection in anisotropic volumes of insect brain
934 Dempster-Shafer Theory based Feature Selection with Sparse Constraint for Outcome Prediction in Cancer Therapy
935 Direct and Simultaneous Four-Chamber Volume Estimation with Multi-Output Regression
936 Fast reconstruction of accelerated dynamic MRI using manifold kernel regression
937 Motion-Aware Mosaicing for Confocal Laser Endomicroscopy
938 Multi-organ segmentation using shape model guided local phase analysis
941 Hybrid Retargeting for High-Speed Targeted Optical Biopsies
952 Multimodal Dictionary Learning and Joint Sparse Representation for HEp-2 Cell Classification
955 V–Bundles: Clustering Fiber Trajectories from Diffusion MRI in Linear Time
964 Cross-Domain Synthesis of Medical Images Using Efficient Location-Sensitive Deep Network
966 Hashing forests for morphological search and retrieval in neuroscientific image databases
968 MRI-based lesion profiling of epileptogenic cortical malformations
970 Interpolation and Averaging of Multi-Compartment Model Images
972 Disjunctive Normal Shape and Appearance Priors with Applications to Image Segmentation
973 Filling Large Discontinuities in 3D Vascular Networks using Skeleton- and Intensity-based Information
978 Assessment of Mean Apparent Propagator-based indexes as biomarkers of axonal remodeling after stroke
983 Integrating Multimodal Priors in Predictive Models for the Functional Characterization of Alzheimer´s Disease
985 Structured Decision Forests For Multi-modal Ultrasound Image Registration
986 A Continuous Flow-Maximisation Approach to Connectivity-driven Cortical Parcellation
995 Positive Delta Detection for Alpha Shape Segmentation of 3D Ultrasound Images of PathologicKidneys
998 Simultaneous Denoising and Registration for Accurate Cardiac Diffusion Tensor Reconstruction from MRI
999 Cell Event Detection in Phase-Contrast Microscopy Sequences From Few Annotations
1009 Robust Segmentation of Various Anatomies in 3D Ultrasound Using Hough Forests and Learned Data Representations
1013 Motion Compensated Abdominal Diffusion Weighted MRI by Simultaneous Image Registration and Model Estimation (SIR-ME)
1014 Predictive Modeling of Anatomy with Genetic and Clinical Data
1018 Robust Muscle Cell Quantification Using Structured Edge Detection and Hierarchical Segmentation
1021 Non-local Atlas-guided Multi-channel Forest Learning for Human Brain Labeling
1025 Fast Cell Segmentation Using Scalable Sparse Manifold Learning and Affine Transform-approximated Active Contour
1030 Patient-specific 3D Ultrasound Simulation based on Convolutional Ray-tracing and Appearance Optimization
1033 Computer-Aided Infarction Identification from Cardiac CT Images: A Biomechanical Approach with SVM
1036 Joint Diagnosis and Conversion Time Prediction of Progressive Mild Cognitive Impairment (pMCI) Using Low-Rank Subspace Clustering and Matrix Completion
1041 Bayesian Tomographic Reconstruction using Riemannian MCMC
1046 Marker-less AR in the Hybrid Room using Equipment Detection for Camera Relocalization
1047 Grouping Total Variation and Sparsity: statistical learning with segmenting penalties
1049 Robust Transmural Electrophysiological Imaging: Integrating Sparse and Dynamic Physiological Models into ECG-based Inference
1051 A Novel Cell Detection Method Using Deep Convolutional Neural Network and Maximum-Weight Independent Set
1058 Disentangling Disease Heterogeneity with Max-Margin Multiple Hyperplane Classifier
1062 Marginal Space Deep Learning: Efficient Architecture for Detection in Volumetric Image Data
1063 Model Criticism for Regression on the Grassmannian
1072 Estimating biophysical parameters from BOLD signals through evolutionary-based optimization
1073 A 3D fractal-based approach towards understanding changes in the infarcted heart microvasculature
1078 Radiopositive Tissue Displacement Compensation for SPECT-guided Surgery
1089 Beyond Classification: Structured Regression For Robust Cell Detection Using Convolutional Neural Network
1093 Restoring the Invisible Details in Differential Interference Contrast Microscopy Images
1094 Iterative Subspace Screening for Rapid Sparse Estimation of Brain Tissue Microstructural Properties
1095 Automatic graph-based localization of cochlear implant electrodes in CT
1096 Learning with heterogeneous data for longitudinal studies
1102 Deep Voting: A Robust Approach Towards Nucleus Localization In Microscopy Images
1103 Elucidating intravoxel geometry in diffusion-MRI: Asymmetric orientation distribution functions (AODFs) revealed by a cone model
1106 Scale factor point spread function matching: beyond aliasing in image resampling
1112 Parcellation of Infant Surface Atlas using Developmental Trajectories of Multidimensional Cortical Attributes
1115 Modeling Task FMRI Data via Supervised Stochastic Coordinate Coding
1117 Robust live tracking of mitral valve annulus for minimally-invasive intervention guidance
1126 Analytic quantification of bias and variance of coil sensitivity profile estimators for improved image reconstruction in MRI
1127 Robust Cell Detection and Segmentation in Histopathological Images using Sparse Reconstruction and Stacked Denoising Autoencoders
1133 A Hierarchical Bayesian Model for Multi-Site Diffeomorphic Image Atlases
1135 Joint Kernel-Based Supervised Hashing for Scalable Histopathological Image Analysis
1140 Segmenting the Uterus in Monocular Laparoscopic Images without Manual Input
1145 Progressive Label Fusion Framework for Multi-atlas Segmentation by Dictionary Evolution
1151 Fast Preconditioning for Accelerated Multi-Contrast MRI Reconstruction
1154 Towards Non-Invasive Image-Based Early Diagnosis of Autism
1155 Identifying Connectome Module Patterns via New Balanced Multi-Graph Normalized Cut
1163 Sample Size Estimation for Outlier Detection
1166 Nonlinear regression on Riemannian manifolds and its applications to Neuro-image analysis
1174 Multi-atlas based segmentation editing with interaction-guided constraints
1177 Mobile C-arm 3D Reconstruction in the Presence of Uncertain Geometry
1212 Structural Edge Detection for Cardiovascular Model Building
1223 Improved Parkinson's disease classification from diffusion MRI data by Fisher vector descriptors
1224 Learning the correlation between images and disease labels from reports using ambiguous learning
1225 Visual Force Feedback for Hand-Held Microsurgical Instruments
1249 A Partial Domain Approach to Enable Aortic Flow Simulation without Turbulent Modeling
1253 Graph-based Motion-driven Segmentation of the Carotid Atherosclerotique Plaque in 2D Ultrasound Sequences
1255 Longitudinal Analysis of Brain Recovery After Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Based on Groupwise Consistent Brain Network Clusters
1263 Automated Three-piece Digital Dental Articulation
1268 Distance Networks for Morphological Profiling and Characterization of DICCCOL Landmarks
1269 Cortical Surface-based Construction of Individual Structural Network with Application to Early Brain Development Study
1276 Multi-scale Heat Kernel based Volumetric Morphology Signature
1287 A system for MR-Ultrasound Guidance during Robot-Assisted Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy
1291 Automatic in vivo Cell Detection in MRI
1299 Structural Brain Mapping
1313 Which metrics should be used in non-linear registration evaluation?