ICCAS - Innovation Center Computer Assisted Surgery

The Innovation Center Computer Assisted Surgery (ICCAS) is the core of the medical technology cluster Leipzig. Surgeons and interventionists from various disciplines as well as engineers and computer scientists collaborate on the development of the 'Digital Patient Model' and ‘Surgical Cockpit’, a state-of-the-art technology for the operating room of the future.

ICCAS was founded in March 2005 as a central facility at the University of Leipzig. Currently there are four interdisciplinary research groups working in cooperation with partners from academia and industry on the realization of a hightech facility for daily operation planning of surgical applications in which assistance systems are used. A new research field of ICCAS is the application of image guided interventions for the noninvasive surgery. ICCAS’ aim is the support of surgeons to contribute significantly to the improvement for the safety of operations.

ICCAS is funded by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and by the Free State of Saxony.

Research portfolio

  • Image-guided Interventions
  • Workflow- and Process Management
  • OR-Infrastructure
  • Digital Patient Models

Key personel

  • Prof. Andreas Melzer
  • Prof. Thomas Neumuth

Selected publications

  • Franke S, Meixensberger J, Neumuth T: Multi-perspective workflow modeling for online surgical situation models. J Biomed Inform 2015, 54:158-66
  • Meier J, Dietz A, Boehm A, Neumuth T: Predicting treatment process steps from events. J Biomed Inform 2015, 53:308-19
  • Schumann S, Bühligen U, Neumuth T: Distance measures for surgical process models. Methods Inf Med. 2013, 52(5):422-3
  • Franke S, Meixensberger J, Neumuth T: Intervention time prediction from surgical low-level tasks. J Biomed Inform 2013, 46(1):152-9
  • Neumuth T, Jannin P, Strauss G, Meixensberger J, Burgert O: Validation of knowledge acquisition for surgical process models. J Am Med Inform Assoc 2009, 16(1):72-80


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