CAMP - Computer Aided Medical Procedures

Research portfolio

  • Computer Aided Interventions
  • Robotic Imaging
  • Knowledge-based Process Modelling
  • Nano-to-macro Image Analysis
  • Medical Augmented Reality
  • Medical Computer Vision

Key personel

Selected publications

  1. Online Tracking of Interventional Devices for Endovascular Aortic Repair (D. Volpi, M. H. Sarhan, R. Ghotbi, N. Navab, D. Mateus, S. Demirci), IJCARS 10(6):773-781, 2015 (doi)
  2. Recognizing Multiple Human Activities and Tracking Full-Body Pose in Unconstrained Environments (L. Schwarz, D. Mateus, N. Navab), Pattern Recognition 45: 11-23, 2012 (doi)
  3. Towards personalized interventional SPECT-CT imaging (J. Gardiazabal, M. Esposito, P. Matthies, A. Okur, J. Vogel, S. Kraft, B. Frisch, T. Lasser, N. Navab), MICCAI 2014 (doi)
  4. Leveraging Random Forests for Interactive Exploration of Large Histological Images (L. Peter, D. Mateus, P. Chatelain, N. Schworm, S. Stangl, G. Multhoff, N. Navab) MICCAI 2014 (doi)
  5. Predicate-based Focus-and-Context Visualization for 3D Ultrasound (C. Schulte zu Berge, M. Baust, A. Kapoor, N. Navab), IEEE Trans Vis Comp Graphics 20(12): 2379 - 2387, 2014 (doi)


Computer Aided Medical Procedures
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