Aachen Session

IDTitlePoster ID
323 Track Filtering via Iterative Correction of TDI Topology A-3
485 An Iterated Complex Matrix Approach for Simulation and Analysis of Diffusion MRI processes A-8
618 Robust automated white matter pathway reconstruction for large studies A-13
858 Joint Estimation of Hemodynamic Response Function and Voxel Activation in functional MRI Data A-18
928 Diffusion Compartmentalization Using Response Function Groups with Cardinality Penalization A-23
1094 Iterative Subspace Screening for Rapid Sparse Estimation of Micro-Structural Properties A-28
103 Direct Calibration of a Laser Ablation System in the Projective Voltage Space B-4
234 Scanner-less High-Speed MR-Imaging of Repetitive Organ Motion for Image-Guided Therapy B-9
492 Inertial Measurement Unit for Radiation-Free Navigated Screw Placement in Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis Surgery B-14
544 Visibility map: A New Method in Evaluation Quality of Optical Colonoscopy B-19
1117 Robust live tracking of mitral valve annulus for minimally-invasive intervention guidance B-24
1225 Visual Force Feedback for Hand-Held Microsurgical Instruments B-29
165 Identification of Cerebral Small Vessel Disease Using Multiple Instance Learning C-3
409 3D Deep Learning for Efficient and Robust Landmark Detection in Volumetric Data C-8
590 Deep Learning and Structured Prediction for the Segmentation of Mass in Mammograms C-13
887 Multiple instance cancer detection by boosting regularised trees C-18
1047 Total Variation meets Sparsity: statistical learning with segmenting penalties C-23
205 Computer-Aided Detection and Quantification of Intracranial Aneurysms D-1
634 Automatic Dual-View Mass Detection in Full-Field Digital Mammograms D-6
770 Medical Image Retrieval using Multi-Graph Learning for MCI Diagnostic Assistance D-11
909 Automated shape and texture analysis for detection of Osteoarthritis from radiographs of the knee D-16
1155 Identifying Connectome Module Patterns via New Balanced Multi-Graph Normalized Cut D-21
210 Estimating Patient Specific Templates for Pre-Operative and Follow-Up Brain Tumor Registration E-3
499 Mid-Space-Independent Symmetric Pairwise Deformable Image Registration E-8
602 Locally Orderless Registration for Diffusion Weighted Images E-13
913 Combining Transversal and Longitudinal Registration in IVUS Studies E-18
1313 Which metrics should be used in non-linear registration evaluation? E-23
716 Automatic Prostate Brachytherapy Preplanning using Joint Sparse Analysis F-3
497 Computational Sonography F-8
968 MRI-based subtype prediction of epileptogenic cortical malformations F-13
1249 A Partial Domain Approach to Enable Aortic Flow Simulation without Turbulent Modeling F-18
244 Robust Prediction of Clinical Deep Brain Stimulation Target Structures via the Estimation of Influential High-Field MR Atlases G-5
437 A landmark-based approach for robust estimation of exposure index values in digital radiography G-10
873 Robust Spectral Denoising for Water-Fat Separation in Magnetic Resonance Imaging G-15
309 Slic-Seg: Slice-by-slice Segmentation Propagation of the Placenta in Fetal MRI using One-plane Scribbles and Online Learning H-4
490 Measuring cortical neurite orientation dispersion and perfusion in preterm-born adolescents using multi-modal MRI H-9
764 Joint Learning of Image Regressor and Classifier for Deformable Segmentation of CT Pelvic Organs H-14
973 Filling Large Discontinuities in 3D Vascular Networks using Skeleton- and Intensity-based Information} H-19
1174 Multi-atlas based segmentation editing with interaction-guided constraints H-24
159 Analysis of High-throughput Microscopy Videos: Catching Up with Cell Dynamics I-2
553 Adaptive Co-occurrence Differential Texton Space for HEp-2 Cells Classification I-7
824 Motion Representation of Ciliated Cell Images with Contour-Alignment for Automated CBF Estimation I-12
1093 Restoring the Invisible Details in Differential Interference Contrast Microscopy Images I-17
1127 Robust Cell Detection and Segmentation in Histopathological Images using Sparse Reconstruction and Stacked Denoising Autoencoders I-22
219 Discriminant and Intuitive Population-Based Cardiac Motion Analysis via Sparsity Constrained Tensor Decomposition J-3
537 Solving Logistic Regression with Cardinality Group Constraints for Time Series Analysis J-8
1013 Motion Compensated Abdominal Diffusion Weighted MRI by Simultaneous Image Registration and Model Estimation (SIR-ME) J-13
1112 Parcellation of Infant Surface Atlas using Developmental Trajectories of Multidimensional Cortical Attributes J-18
307 Scale and Curvature Invariant Ridge Detector for Tortuous and Fragmented Structures K-3
473 Automatic Learning of Bayesian Riemannian Statistical Shape Models with Markov Smoothness Regularization K-8
786 Automatic Feature Learning for Glaucoma Detection based on Deep Learning K-13
995 Positive Delta Detection for Alpha Shape Segmentation of 3D Ultrasound Images of PathologicKidneys K-18
1276 Multi-scale Heat Kernel based Grey Matter Morphology Signature K-23