Hamburg Session

IDTitlePoster ID
364 Novel Single and Multiple Shell Uniform Sampling Schemes for Diffusion MRI Using Spherical Codes A-4
502 Prediction of Motor Function in Very Preterm Infants using Connectome Features and Local Synthetic Instances A-9
660 Exploiting the Phase in Diffusion MRI for Microstructure Recovery: Towards Axonal Tortuosity via Asymmetric Diffusion Processes A-14
863 Quantifying Microstructure in Fiber Crossings with Diffusional Kurtosis A-19
955 V-Bundles: Clustering Fiber Trajectories from Diffusion MRI in Linear Time A-24
1103 Elucidating intravoxel geometry in diffusion-MRI: Asymmetric orientation distribution functions (AODFs) revealed by a cone model A-29
144 Surgical Tool Tracking with Pose Estimation in Retinal Microsurgery B-3
197 Hough Forests for real-time, automatic device localization in fluoroscopic images: Application to TAVR B-8
385 Projection-Based Phase Features for Localization of a Needle Tip in 2D Curvilinear Ultrasound B-13
614 Vision-based Intraoperative Cone-Beam CT Stitching for Non-overlapping Volumes B-18
743 Automated Assessment of Surgical Skills Using Frequency Analysis B-23
941 Hybrid Retargeting for High-Speed Targeted Optical Biopsies B-28
301 Why Does Synthesized Data Improve Multi-Sequence Classification? C-4
427 A Hybrid of Deep Network and Hidden Markov Model for MCI Identification with Resting-State fMRI C-9
635 Learning Tensor-Based Features for Whole-Brain fMRI Classification C-14
741 Coupling Uncertain Active Constellation Models with Cascaded Forest Predictors for Localization and Segmentation of Vertebrae C-19
758 Scandent tree: a random forest learning method for incomplete multimodal datasets C-24
250 Discriminative Feature Selection for Multiple Ocular Diseases Classification by Sparse Induced Graph Regularized Group Lasso D-2
676 Leveraging Mid-Level Semantic Boundary Cues for Computer-Aided Lymph Node Detection D-7
833 Regenerative Random Forest with Automatic Feature Selection to Detect Mitosis for Invasive Breast Cancer Grading D-12
966 Hashing forests for morphological search and retrieval in neuroscientific image databases D-17
903 Semantic 3-D Labeling of ear implants using a global parametric transition prior D-22
180 Registration of Color and OCT Fundus Images Using Low-dimensional Step Pattern Analysis E-2
494 Space-Frequency Detail-Preserving Construction of Neonatal Brain Atlases E-7
586 A Stochastic Quasi-Newton Method for Nonrigid Image Registration E-12
894 Estimating Large Lung Motion in COPD Patients by Symmetric Regularised Correspondence Fields E-17
1268 Distance Networks for Morphological Profiling and Characterization of DICCCOL Landmarks E-22
295 Bayesian Personalization of Brain Tumor Growth Model F-4
536 Hierarchical Shape Distributions for Automatic Identification of 3D Diastolic Vortex Rings from 4D Flow MRI F-9
1030 Patient-specific 3D Ultrasound Simulation based on Convolutional Ray-tracing and Appearance Optimization F-14
163 Flexible reconstruction and correction of unpredictable motion from stacks of 2D images G-1
335 RF ultrasound distribution-based confidence maps G-6
564 Accelerated Dynamic MRI Reconstruction with Total Variation and Nuclear Norm Regularization G-11
1106 Scale factor point spread function matching: beyond aliasing in image resampling G-16
435 GPSSI: Gaussian Process for Sampling Segmentations of Images H-5
557 Interactive Whole-Heart Segmentation in Congenital Heart Disease H-10
778 Spatially-varying hybridization of optimal multi-atlas label fusion and intrinsic image cues for 3D corpus callosum segmentation in MS studies H-15
986 A Continuous Flow-Maximisation Approach to Connectivity-driven Cortical Parcellation H-20
262 Neutrophils Identification by Deep Learning and Voronoi Diagram of Clusters I-3
594 Topology-Based Structured Learning for Hierarchical Cell Segmentation I-8
952 Multimodal Dictionary Learning and Joint Sparse Representation for HEp-2 Cell Classification I-13
1051 A Novel Cell Detection Method Using Deep Convolutional Neural Network and Maximum-Weight Independent Set I-18
1291 Automatic in vivo Cell Detection in MRI I-23
292 Liver Motion Estimation via Locally Adaptive Over-Segmentation Regularization J-4
658 Spatiotemporal Parsing of Motor Kinematics for Assessing Stroke Recovery J-9
936 Fast reconstruction of accelerated dynamic MRI using manifold kernel regression J-14
1253 Graph-based Motion-driven Carotid Segmentation in 2D Ultrasound Sequences J-19
366 Boosting Hand-Crafted Features for Curvilinear Structure Segmentation by Learning Context Filters K-4
593 A Cross Saliency Approach to Asymmetry Based Tumor Detection K-9
834 Fast Automatic Vertebrae Detection and Localization in Pathological CT Scans - A Deep Learning Approach K-14
1021 Non-local Atlas-guided Multi-channel Forest Learning for Human Brain Labeling K-19
1299 Structural Brain Mapping K-24